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Coversafe Bacteria and COVID Protection Film

Coala Coversafe COVID virus and bacteria protecting self adhesive film


COALA COVERSAFE is a clear self-adhesive laminate film with outstanding anti-microbial properties. It can be easily applied to all types of surfaces, such as tables, doors and handles and provides continuous protection against viruses, bacteria, yeasts & molds. COALA COVERSAFE is the only anti-microbial film tested to protect against SARS-COV2 responsible for COVID 19

Key Features

  • Coala Coversafe, Antalis' antimicrobial film – effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19
  • Anti-microbial film with a self and continuous action against bacteria and viruses.
  • Rapid action - coronavirus 229E: 90% in 1 hour; >99.9% in 24 hours- (coronavirus SARS-COV2: 96% in 1 hour)
  • Antimicrobial effect is stable and not limited in time (tested and certified over 4 years)
  • Natural and biocompatible technology: safe for the skin
  • Food contact approved, can be used on desks, canteen and catering areas
  • Discreet once applied (thin, transparent and matt)
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Can be cleaned with common cleaning products (soap, bleach, disinfectant) without degradation of the antimicrobial activity

What can it be used for?
Coala Coversafe eliminates over 99% of viruses and bacteria including > 99.9% of Coronavirus.
Ideal for preventing the growth and spread of virus and bacteria from touch surfaces, counters, desks, tables, control panels, door plates, door handles, switches, handrails, and equipment.
This protection film is requested in many spaces like workspaces, meeting rooms and cafeteria, industrial cleanrooms and laboratories, hospitals and retirement homes, bars and restaurants, hotels, shops, public transports.

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