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Teardrop Flag


    Get noticed and entice footfall to your trade stand or sponsor charity tent with a striking Teardrop or Sail printed flags. Telescopic and portable, these don't need tools and will take a few minutes to give your given area a vibrant visual display.

    The Teardrop comes in three sizes; 2.25m, 3.3m and 4.9m. Each unit weighs 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg respectively.

    • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
    • Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble
    • Printed using a dye-sublimation process for great show-through on the reverse
    • High performance aluminium and GRP poles
    • Available in four sizes
    • Multiple options for bases
    • Beaufort scale: 4 (13 -18 mph)

    Sleeve Colour

    Our flags are fitted with black sleeves as standard. However, white sleeves are available at no extra cost. If you require a white sleeve, please let us know when placing your order.

    Front-Facing Orientation

    As standard, our flags are setup to have the front face of the design with the base and pole on the left-hand side. However, you are welcome to supply your artwork flipped horizontally in order to have the front face of the design with the base and pole on the right-hand side.

    Double-Sided Flags

    Double-sided flags are available to order from us. These consist of two knitted polyester flags with a blockout membrane sandwiched between the two. For further details and prices, please contact our sales team.


    NameSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
    Overall Width800mm900mm1100mm1200mm
    Overall Height2100mm2800mm3500mm4600mm
    Graphic Width680mm680mm1200mm1204mm
    Graphic Height1452mm2100mm2900mm3600mm


    Consider where you position your flag, as air pollution will cause the white areas to become grey and UV can, over time, cause deterioration and fading to the fabric.

    Flags can be washed in a regular washing machine on a 40? wash with everyday detergents. Always allow your flag to completely dry out before storing.

    Ensure that your flag doesn't catch or snag on its pole or any other surrounding objects. Do not place poles too close together.

    Dismantle your flag during adverse weather conditions, including strong winds in excess of beaufort scale 4 (13-18mph). Heavy rain combined with high winds can increase the weight of the flag and put extra strain on the pole.

    Life expectancy is entirely dependant on the climatic conditions and hours of flying. Realistic maximum lifespan of a regularly used flag is six months.

    Please see our weights and braces as regards to anchoring your flag

    Flag accessories

    Teardrop product image with background
    Teardrop flag with black hem

    Downloads and Files

    Teardrop Flag Small Template15.4mb
    Teardrop Flag Medium Template15.4mb
    Teardrop Flag Large Template15.5mb
    Teardrop Flag Extra Large Template15.5mb
    Spec-Sheet Teardrop Flag1.5mb